We have worked with Hands-on-Marketing since 2002, we have been involved with a number of different projects over the years. We have created a Windows based backend booking system for, this integrates into their website and provides full management of all bookings. It also handles all invoices, agent bookings and many other features, it has been built up over a number of years as the business has expanded.

Precision Hydration

Working with Precision Hydration, a leading supplier of sports hydration drinks. We created a backend database to handle all their sweat test data and integrate into a Shopify shop. Other points of the project included a full data migration from their existing shop. A partner system for commission rewards. Some custom alterations to the Shopify shop were also completed.

Toby has played a key role in the launch and optimisation of our new eCommerce-focused website and it's currently converting 4x better than our old site. He built us a robust database for our Sweat Test and customer data which is plugged into Shopify and our CRM/Email platform. He's also built 2 custom backend portals for us to access and use our data as well the mechanics for a partner referral commission program which has worked well.

On the front-end side of things, he built our custom online Sweat Tests and Personalised Hydration Plans, which are the main consumer-facing functionality on our site. There's a fair bit of complex algorithm and logic behind those personalised user experiences and what Toby has built works flawlessly and looks great. He's also been really helpful with the general troubleshooting and optimising of the site, responding quickly and helpfully to countless dumb questions and making tons of little improvements and fixes.

Working largely remotely hasn't been an issue at all and he's slotted in to our fast-paced way of doing things really well. And he's a pleasure to work with. We'll continue to work with him to help us grow our business...

Jonny Tye, Precision Hydration

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